Veteran Chris Deering’s Moving Speech at the Rolling Thunder Rally in Ottawa

Veteran Chris Deering’s Moving Speech at the Rolling Thunder Rally in Ottawa

Folks. Listen to Chris speak above and you will know why Canadians will win in this existential battle against Satanic Tyranny. For the past two years I have been blogging that the Canadian military is the “dog that did not bark”.

In spite of the Turvert hounding and bullying the Canadian military leadership and humiliating/firing military leaders, using spurious sexual allegations, he has NOT been successful in forcing the rank and file military out into the streets, going door to door forcing his toxic vaxxxZines, as he stated was his intention over two years ago. Now we know why. Soldiers like Chris Deering saw through the criminal, treasonous foreign-backed insurrection and have, instead, been making up the ranks of the resistance.

Now, listening to Chris, we discover he was attacked in the streets of Ottawa last February 18, 2022 and beaten to the ground by the Gestapo police [including foreign mercenaries?] where he was kicked and punched. Later, he was forced to stand in the -20 degree weather for hours, hands tied behind his back, deprived of medications he needed for his war injuries.

As Chris correctly says. If they would do that to him, a decorated war veteran…imagine what they would do to joe average citizen. So this is what the Biker Rally was all about and why it was organized. It was set up as a platform for veterans like Chris to make a stand before the National War Memorial, no less, and declare themselves steadfastly opposed to the Turvertian Tyranny…ready to mobilize and fight against it. How many veterans feel the way Chris does? How many are ready, willing and able to lay down their lives for our country on our own soil? I would suggest far more than the Turvert would like to admit.

Chris’ speech demands a response directly from the Turvert…Will one come? Don’t hold your breath. The Turvert is a coward–the likes that Canada has never seen in all its history. He’s more likely to declare he has covID AGAIN and run for the hills–than to say one single word to the decorated veteran.

But there’s more. 25-year Canadian Army veteran James Topp is half way through a march across Canada, beginning in Vancouver and ending in Ottawa…where he is determined to sit down with Federal leaders and discuss the festering two-year Canadian crisis described so eloquently by Chris Dearing. Will Turvert sit down and talk with James Topp when he arrives in June, 2022? LOL…such a coward would need to grow a set first.


  1. Hello from the UK.

    Many thanks for your post. Inspiring stuff.

    If it is of any interest I have done a number of posts in support of my fellow men and women in Canada to expose Justin ‘Call me Jesus Christ’ Turdwater. They might be of use or at least amuse you. Please share if they are of any help.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson
    Please excuse the nom-de-plume, this is as much for fun as a riddle for people to solve if they wish.

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