Strange Imagery from Waukesha Parade SUV Attack

Russ Winter

There is no evidence that the vehicle came up on the sidewalk or clipped bollards. PHOTO: Inside Edition

On Sunday evening, there was a strange vehicle attack on a parade that occurred in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Most of the details are preliminary, so I have no major declarative statements to make. However, I’ve gathered some of the imagery provided online thus far and posted below for scrutiny. This post will be updated as new information comes available.

Police have identified a suspect, a black male named Darrell E. Brooks. He’s a rapper in his late 30s and has a big rap sheet. He performs under the name “MathBoi Fly,” and his music uses violent anti-white rhetoric. The following image is from an alleged Facebook post by Brooks.

Here he’s on a Nevada state sex-offender database.

For the record, I call it as I see it and don’t pick racial sides on this type of event. Yes, there is a serious black criminality issue, but staged deceptions — if this is one — can be run against all manner of people. It’s all part of the strategy of tension and problem-reaction-solution modus operandi.

Brooks apparently has a 2019 YouTube video up (for now) that actually features a red vehicle similar to the one spotted at the parade. Is someone in the stagecraft getting a good chuckle over this?

YouTube rap clip may show vehicle used Wisconsin parade attack — Really?

Here’s the full thug life video, which features the vehicle throughout. Also note the Illuminati one-eyed calling card, gestures and other imagery.

Waukesha Holiday Parade – Darrell Brooks Jr (Mathboi Fly) feat the Murder Vehicle (Music Video)

There was a crowd at the parade, so we would expect to see some bystander footage of the event as it unfolded. Perhaps some CCTV footage from building security cameras or traffic cam footage is available as well. We would also expect some — if not most — of this to be good, clear, 2021 technology, not 1963 Dealey Plaza quality. Decide for yourselves on the following clips.

This video shows the red vehicle driving by at a pretty good clip. He doesn’t hit anybody and just disappears out of camera range. Was this the actual experience of the real parade attendees?

This photo shows the red vehicle speeding past onlookers.

If the intent was a surprise attack, why would the SUV have its headlights on?

These clips are especially odd. The second one shows the vehicle about to enter area of the parade marchers. He inexplicably veers to the left and slows down noticeably before seemingly striking the marchers. But, par for course, the clip stops before you see anybody actually hit. Instead an “impression” is made — not real evidence. Classic black magik.

If readers locate good quality video where anybody is actually hit by the red vehicle, please put in comments below and I will update the post.

The following video compilation shows pedestrians being hit in the non-cartoon world at similar speeds. They often flip straight up and slightly to the side. Unless hit at high speeds, they don’t go far. You can see several get right back up after solid strikes.

Also, note that real people in some bad spots often can evade or take glancing, less serious blows. Most people will not stand there like a deer in a highlights while a slow moving red vehicle mows down a parade line. That’s ridiculous on its face.

In the first video, you can hear some chatter and wailing, but look at the scene and street. It’s perfectly normal and there seems to be a lot of people just going about routine activities. Does it look like the red vehicle came ripping through here?

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