Coming Soon! Escape from New York — and Chicago, and Seattle, and America

Russ Winter Art

vaccine-mandate madness is rapidly at hand.

Nov. 2 is the deadline for the Air Force and Space Force to be fully vaccinated, and other branches have deadlines coming thereafter. And whodathunk, The Washington Post is now at the end of the week reporting that up to 12,000 Air Force personnel are still declining the vaccine, causing alarm within the top chain of command who are worried it will impact force readiness, particularly as some forces in key positions face discharge over their vax refusal.

“The fact that it’s a choice leading to potential loss to readiness is striking,” a military policy analyst with the Center for a New American Security Katherine L. Kuzminski, told the Post.

Days after Raytheon Technologies chief executive Greg Hayes said the the company may lose “several thousand” workers due to the mandate, Northrop Grumman chief executive Kathy Warden said Thursday the company is still assessing potential losses.

The House Armed Services Committee’s ranking member Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Ala.) and 10 of his colleagues released a letter warning the mandate could yield cost and schedule overruns on key contracts.

A trade group for air cargo giants like UPS and FedEx is sounding the alarm over an impending Dec. 8 vaccine deadline imposed by President Joe Biden, complaining it threatens to wreak havoc at the busiest time of the year — and add yet another kink to the supply chain.

“We have significant concerns with the employer mandates announced on Sept. 9, 2021, and the ability of industry members to implement the required employee vaccinations by Dec. 8, 2021,” Stephen Alterman, president of the Cargo Airline Association, wrote in a letter sent to the Biden administration and obtained by POLITICO.

American Airlines told workers they must be fully vaccinated against Covid by November 24 or face termination. According to the pilot union at American, 30%  – or 4,200 – of  airline’s pilots are still not vaccinated for Covid. Now the airliner is being forced to cancel more than 1,000 flights in 24 hours due to staffing shortages.

Regardless, other corporation are pushing their luck.

The goons who run the “Escape from New York” mandates are facing nearly one-fifth of city employees covered by the impending mandate have yet to receive at least one vaccine dose as of the Friday deadline, including 16% of police personnel, 29% of firefighters and EMS workers and 33% of sanitation workers, according to city data. City jail guards have another month to comply. Workers who don’t comply will be put on unpaid leave starting Monday.

Trash is already piling up in NYC and sanitation workers blame de Blasio’s vaccine mandate.

Read “First, They Let Thousands of Illegal Immigrants In. Now, They’re Letting Thousands of Prison Inmates Out.”

In Seattle, while crime is on the rise, roughly 10% of the already understaffed Seattle Police Department has been pulled from the job because they have not submitted proof of vaccination. Staffing is at record lows, with the SPD initiating Stage 3 Mobilization emergency operations, which pulls non-patrol officers from their units to respond to 911 calls.

According to an internal memo by Chief Diaz, they are all using accrued time as the department takes the next few weeks to determine “when or whether they will be allowed to return to work.”

None of these employees are fired, at least not yet. It’s a technicality that allows Durkan and the SPD to claim they only fired a handful of officers and that it won’t impact public safety. Indeed, the mayor noted ahead of this move that “if someone calls 911, there will not be significant impacts on the response.”

Whether technically considered a termination or not is irrelevant when it comes to public safety. It’s a distinction without a difference. Officers were pulled from duty, and it turned a staffing crisis into an emergency.In Chicago, an unknown number of dismissals is at hand. Approximately 4,500 Chicago police officers didn’t submit their vaccination statuses by the city’s mandatory Oct. 15 deadline. It is now enough that Mayor Lightweight is calling on neighboring sheriffs for fill ins. The sheriffs told the bitch she’s on her own.

It is revealing to see who is actually being delusional about what’s transpiring. Red states and cities are laying out the welcome mat to terminated public safety and medical personal. Meanwhile, the virtue-signaling clown-world wags shoot their mouths off.

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