Posted by Jerry Derecha

Source: https://ugetube.com/watch/quot-mark-039-s-quot-mark-of-the-beast-reality-is-here_GVvMuTRMHNaJZm3.html


Johnny Exodice:

Awaken Thy Senses!!!

Most people do not believe in God, or the Divine, nor any other “Conception” of a Creator why these Capitalist do not even believe in their Mom and Dad whom gave birth to them, nor their Mother and Father if youm like…

The People of this USA USA USA seek to only look out for “themselves” like every TV Preacher from these Joel Olsteen’s [TYPES] Qballs~ /_\ of the world: too your local Preachers and Imam and Rabbi setting up a 401-K / IRA off of all Your {Church Donations} [{**}] while Children die of Starvation because our Religions tell us to Break the RULE OF LAW that thou (shalt not kill) or allow murder to happen when WAR IS MURDER is all WE THE PEOPLE known and approve!!!

I guess the Source of All Creation, and the Source of All Destruction would only reveal to all of (mankind) +=+ that WE ARE and THEY LIVE are in Purgatory only at the End of an age, and since Christ Jesus 1.0 said to NEVER Trust any “Religion” because all RELIGIONS deny the Existence of God……., and Allah………, and what ever other made up “names” youm might call the Creator and the Destroyer…

However, now that we know every one has “De-Ja-Vu” and you can not have De-Ja-Vu; unless, you have been here before, over, and over, and over…….., and you have done this “before” because you are in PURGATORY, and those people whom say to Kill other Humans because Their FLAG is not our FLAG is just the [Trick or Treat] /-\ of the Dammed, The Cursed, and The Forsaken where all these WAR GAMES of CORPORATIONS are ways for the Rich and {Well to do} [{*}] too pass their time here in PURGATORY for they Deny they were made by a Mother and a Father, so in their minds it is NO BIG DEAL to kill, and rape, and harm, and hurt the Land, the Sea, the Wilde-life from the Birds too the Bees….

If we did not have De-Ja-Vu, I might “believe” in you whom say it is O.K. to let Human Children Starve too Death’ because we want to watch the Superbowl on TV!!!! We want to OCCUPY our 50 National FLAGS with the U.S. Military!!! We want to watch “TV Shows” made by the Fake Jews in the Book of Revelation known as the USA!!! USA!! USA!!! of Hollywood fools, and flakes, and faggots as (Graven) Images of American Idols here in the TEN COMMANDMENTS` in these Days of Noah ONE LAST TIME….

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