Shocking! This video shows you how AstraZeneca vaccine rewrites DNA

Posted by Jerry Derecha

I don’t know how these lamestream doctors can be allowed to get away with asserting that the vaccines “[sic)don’t mess with your DNA“. Well……they mess with your RNA, so what the fuck? THEY MESS WITH YOUR GENETICS. Case closed. These lamestream pundits delusionally think they’ve won that argument on a technicality, and they haven’t. They’ve only further exposed themselves as the feckless shills they are who are willing to say anything for the MSNBc’s and CNN’s of the world. I mean they’re called RNA vaccines for crying out loud. What are we even talking about? Your a fucking super dummy if you take one of these things. They pretty much give you AIDS. They render your immune system worthless. It cancels out the old antibodies that you’ve developed over your life and replaces them with a “one size fits all” synthetic immuno-response protein. Does that sound like a good idea? You don’t need to be a doctor to deduce how insane of an idea it is to allow something like to be done to your already-perfectly-functioning immune system. But if you want to loligag in super-dummy land and go get a jab, you do you.


Shocking! This video shows you how AstraZeneca vaccine rewrites DNA

by 澳喜农场 | GNEWS / 2021-08-15 06:48 | Subtitle: Rosa | Video: 澳洲天好蓝

So now we’re gonna talk about the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine,

And we’re gonna compare to the ones that have gone before 

Like the Pfize-BioNTech vaccine, and the Moderna vaccine

Now, as you will recall, the Pfizer-BioTech vaccine and the Moderna vaccine are basically

New vaccines in the sense that they are injecting messenger RNA into your cells 

To tell the cells to produce that is the same as a portion of the spike protein on the virus,

And that is what generates the immune response 

So in other words, we’re giving instructions to the cell to make the form protein,

Which causes the immune response

And that is actually very similar to the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine, except,

instead of using messenger RNA

They’re using DNA to do that

So once again, in terms of a picture, imaging we have the cell and we’ve got the nucleus 

And what we were doing before, was we were taking messenger RNA 

And that messenger RNA was being translated by ribosomes and converted into the protein

And what we did with the Pfizer-BioTech vaccine and the Moderna vaccine

Is we were getting the messenger RNA into the cytoplasm of the cell

The cytoplasm is the outside portion, as opposed to the nucleus

How do we get that messenger RNA in the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and the Moderna vaccine in?

Well we used a lipid bilayer, or a micelle as we called it, to get those fragments, or the messenger RNA, in to the cytoplasm

And then from there, it’s fairly straightforward

The cell uses its own cell machinery, which is the ribosomes, to cause translation to occur and you make the protein in question

How this is different is AstraZeneca uses a different technique 

And it uses a virus called an adenovirus, but not a human one, but a chimpanzee

Now why would it do that?

Chimpanzee adenoviruses have not really been exposed to the human population 

So it’s very unlikely that humans would create an immune response against the adenovirus specifically itself

We don’t what that to happen

Because if that happens, then the vaccine is not going to be effective at getting its instructions into the cell

And of course, AstraZeneca knows that if this vaccine is successful 

And is used on a number of people – millions, billions of people worldwide – 

Then it’s probably going to have to abandon the chimpanzee adenovirus platform for delivering instructions 

Now, the adenovirus here does not use RNA, like we’ve been taking about

It uses DNA, and DNA is a double-stranded form of instructions 

Now, there’s a portion there in the middle of that, that is used for replication of the virus

Well, the genetic engineers simply delete that portion, so the virus can no longer replicate and cause an in section in the human body

And instead they replace that portion of the DNA with genetic code (the instructions) that the geneticists have engineered

And so what happens when you deliver this adenovirus in the vaccine, it goes into the cell and it releases the DNA into the cytoplasm,

And then that gets taken up and goes into the nucleus

That DNA – according to scientists at AstraZeneca  does not get incorporated into the host’s genome

It does not go into your DNA in the cell, but rather it is transcribed into RNA

And that RNA then exits the nucleus as a messenger RNA and then exactly the same thing happens

As what we saw with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and the Moderna vaccine, 

Which is that the messenger RNA, which is now a product of the transcription of the DNA,

Gets converted into the spike protein through translation by the ribosomes 

And then this goes on once again to cause the immunogenic response

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