Canadians Storm Injection Center Amid Massive Anti-Vaccine Passport Protest


Heartening footage out of Canada shows tens of thousands of fed-up citizens taking to the streets to protest the country’s vaccine passport rollout.

Thousands of Canadians marched in Montreal, Quebec, over the weekend to push back against the draconian vaccine passport measures being implemented in the country.

A crowd of protesters even stormed a COVID vaccine and testing center, chanting “Shame on you!” while holding signs like “Our Kids Aren’t Lab Rats.”

Anti-lockdown activist Chris Sky, who famously predicted the medical tyranny now bearing down on Canada and elsewhere, helped lead the weekend’s march.

Starting next month in Quebec province, proof of COVID vaccination will be required to go to a restaurant, bar, gym or festival.

70% of Quebec citizens have already gotten two doses of the experimental jab.

Canadian Hero Demands Whole Virus Proof & Frees Alberta From Covid Restrictions!

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