“The Greater Good” is Such a Lame & Pathetic Ruse Used to Manipulate the Population Into Giving Up Whatever Rights & Freedoms They May Have Had Left

By Jerry Derecha

This cockamammy narrative about the “Greater Good” is such a lame a pathetic ruse. I’m infinitely ashamed of the human species in that all it took was some contrived narrative about “public safety” and suddenly the general population throws themselves on the ground at the feet of these evil politicians(ABOVE). Offering to do whatever they tell them to as they eagerly sacrifice whatever remnants of liberty and remaining personal freedoms that they may have had left. And not just their own personal freedoms, but the personal freedoms of everyone else around them as well. As if they were theirs to give away in the first place. All as they pad their raging moral superiority complexes and constantly flex about how woke and responsible they are. And most importantly how much better they are than you.

your TV was off, would there be any sign of a pandemic anywhere? If this was a real bona-fide public health crisis, everybody would have a family member or friend that would have died as a direct result of Covaids.

When going out in public we would see sick and coughing people everywhere we looked. The hospitals would actually be full. They wouldn’t need to be coercing people into getting vaccinated. We would be eager to do so to avoid dying. But that’s not what’s happening here and anyone with an IQ over 100 should be able to easily see that. The virus exists only in the minds of the weak and on our television screens. The same phrases and themes repeated at nauseum by despicable cable news pundits like Mika Brzezinski & Joe Scarborough every morning. Their coverage has become more ritualistic than journalistic at this point.

A Marxist and a Murderer. Weekday mornings on MSNBC.

The human race is fucking pathetic and I can’t help but to agree with this euthanization protocol that’s been implemented. Our species needs to shed some water weight. I can see that now. I don’t mean to sound cruel when I say that, but for the sake of the innocent and most importantly, for the future of our species, these psychologically defective, easily “manipulatable” and sociopathic waste buckets who have enabled our oppression throughout this ordeal need to be removed from the population. Eugenics, but not based race, but rather based on one’s propensity to be a fucking idiot who is unable to think critically or apply basic discernment. I don’t think that’s hateful. It’s actually compassionate. Those who are legit, full-blown mentally handicapped will get a pass.

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