List of FREE Ebook & PDF Websites

Posted by Jerry Derecha

Fantastic library of free books online! Follow the links below.

Thanks to Jerry Derecha from

I read a lot and I’m assuming that many of you do as well if you’ve found your way to my blog. You crave information just like I do. I’m also assuming that you like to download as much free literature and as many research papers as you can get your hands on. I’ve spent a lot of time hunting down good websites for ebooks and non-published PDF’s, weeding out the scam sites full of AD’s. So I thought I’d consolidate my list and share it with everyone. I also upload books once and a while to my Bublup cloud.

These sites are FOR REAL free. Y-Library is by far the best. You can download their ebooks without signing up for a free account, but if you do sign up you are allowed to download more books per day than the 10 book limit per IP address.

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