Moment of Truth for the Covid Tyrants

Winter Watch Articles by Russ Winter

Events are coming together in dramatic fashion leading us to believe if enough make a hard stand the Covid Tyrants will lose momentum- if not fall from power. There are large organic protests around the world over last weekend. The demonstrators defied restrictions on non-essential travel and mass public gatherings. The Greater Sydney area as a example has been locked down for a month.

Flying in the face of rational science, responsible public health policy and ethical principles, European governments are requiring vaccine passports to function in society. Like an echo, populations have responded almost immediately with sustained protests in the streets.

This is what protest against Covid tyranny looked like in Australia, Milan, London, and France.

The state of Western Australia has legislated to allow police officers or other “authorised officers” to restrain individuals and, if deemed necessary, forcibly remove their underwear in order to administer a vaccine.

The results of the Associated Press-NORC poll, which was released on Friday, revealed that 45% of unvaccinated respondents said they “definitely” wouldn’t be getting inoculated, with 35% indicating they “probably” wouldn’t do so. Only 19% of those who hadn’t been vaccinated intended to get the shots, but just 3% consider those plans definite.

A compilation of covid vaccine adverse reactions and testimonials reported to VAERS – as of 16th July 2021:
US:   11,405 deaths, 48,385 serious injuries, 491,218 injury reports
UK: 1,470 vaccine deaths | 317,025 injury reports
EU: 18,928 vaccine deaths | 1,823,219 injury reports

continual pattern of worse outcomes- BUT WITH A DELAY

This goes far beyond being sold a lemon by a used car salesman. This twist is ludicrous even by the standards of the black magicians concocting these tales.

Pandemic. News

“In many cases, these covid-19 tests are fraudulently calibrated at over 30 or 40 cycle thresholds to produce a “false positive” covid-19 diagnosis. The tests do not decipher dead viral debris from infectious viral debris and can report a false positive reading even though someone has recovered from the infection and has immunity. A more accurate diagnosis is produced using a PCR cycle threshold of 17, confirmed using symptom-specific criteria, and also backed up by another test called Sanger Sequencing. However, most states were not transparent with the number of cycle thresholds used to generate covid-19 cases.

Instead of following scientific standards, labs and covid-19 test companies took advantage of income streams and perpetrated fraud. Moreover, US hospital systems were financially compensated for a positive covid-19 test, coercing medical authorities to diagnose covid-19 as the cause of death, when it is merely “suspected or cannot be ruled out.”

Relying on test fraud, the covid-19 diagnosis fraudulently became the final determinant and leading cause of death for people who passed away from other causes, like medical error, heart attack, ventilator-associated pneumonia, influenza, prescription error, omission of treatment, stroke, or an assortment of hospital-acquired infections, etc. This covid-19 diagnosis was also slapped on mildly ill or healthy individuals, subjecting them to fraudulent “quarantine” orders and contact tracing, which unlawfully detained people and deprived them of their liberty, while shuttering entire workplaces and industries in the process.”

How has Australia not managed to record an influenza death since July 2020… the PCR tests are classifying the flu as a ‘case’.

Rod Serling from Twilight Zone imparts the following via MSM rag- The Hill. So not testing vaxxed people is now the issue. Then new data suggests the vax doesn’t work against the latest variant of the common cold? Whodathunk?

More than 150 people have died and nearly 600 have been hospitalized in Illinois due to COVID-19 in “breakthrough” cases (probably fraudulent), after they were fully vaccinated, according to state health officials. — NBC5 Chicago

Once praised as a ‘vaccine success’ story, Israel is seeing increasing rates of #Covid19. With an estimated 40% new infections in the vaccinated, the country has become the first to authorize a third booster shot in an effort to contain runaway infections and counter vaccine failure.

Curiously booster shots were listed on the vax card all along. When they recommend a booster shot, you’re not going to be “fully vaccinated” anymore Chump. That’s going to be quite the ego hit for the vaccine Branch Covidian supremacists. Get back in line!

Par for the course Dr. Evil Fauci went on one of the Satan networks to proclaim the vaccinated and Branch Covidians should wear masks and look to get a booster.

How many downgraded “fully vaxxed” demoted Branch Covidians now will defect from this enslavement and indoctrination charade?

Big Pharma Rat Wheel

Even so the more tyrannical kakistocratic governments answering to the Crime Syndicate are calling for major curtailments of rights and liberties for the unvaxxed without the proper document. More contorted logic- you can’t make this up.

Elsewhere in the Twilight Zone, the UK, a country definitely near the bottom of the heap in terms of kakistocratic dominance and infestation will issue vaccine passports to people in the PLACEBO group. Britain’s “vaccine minister” said that they would consider EVERYONE who participated in COVID-19 vaccine trials as being fully vaccinated.

This really proves the idiocy of these passports. It’s not about whether or not you have natural antibodies from a prior infection. It doesn’t even matter whether or not you received the actual vaccine.

The only thing that matters is whether you have submitted yourself to their authority and received a jab— regardless of what was in it.

Adding to the misery in the UK is an arbitrary track and trace scheme by the kakistocracy to force into isolation 2.3 million people. The timing of this pingdemic hardly seems a coinkydink either as there were already shortages of lorry drivers as a result of Brexit difficulties. This has further emptied the food shelves.

The potential for add on policy malice from the kakistocracy is considerable as Typhoon In-Fa made landfall in eastern China with high wind and torrential rains as other parts of the country were cleaning up from last week’s historic flooding.

In-Fa came ashore Sunday on China’s east coast south of Shanghai. Hundreds of thousands of people were evacuated, airline flights and trains were canceled, seaports were shuttered, and the public was advised to remain indoors.

Yangshan Port in Shanghai moved containerships and secured containers on land ahead of the storm. Yangshan Port is a deep-water port and one of the most active in China. The disruption throws another wrench in global supply chains that are already under stress. 

Separately Dementia Joe is on his last legs. This elder abuse lasted longer than I guessed.

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