Dr Andy Kaufman: The Problem with ‘The Science’ of COVID Virology


With each passing day, the new legion of ‘science’ journalists continue to pump out widely disseminated claims and assumptions about the SARSCov2 virus and other alleged viral outbreaks. During this atmosphere of ‘public health’ terror, few seem willing to question official dogma or question any of the increasingly wild claims and ‘studies’ being broadcast daily through mainstream media outlets and government agencies. One thing is becoming increasingly clear: the technology-driven science modern virology has a clear symbiotic relationship with the transnational pharmaceutical industry, with both feeding each other to generate new multi-billion dollar economies with each new ‘epidemic.’ In the end, the public are left paying and subsidizing both industries. 

This week, New Zealand’s Dr. Sam Bailey talks with Dr. Andy Kaufman about some of the popular claims made by mainstream ‘science’ and modern virology about alleged virus isolation, genomic sequencing of the SARSCov2 ‘variants’. Watch:


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