The COVID Blog(GRAPHIC)Pfizer documents: unvaccinated people can be exposed to experimental mRNA from vaccinated people; frightening adverse reactions –

By Jerry Derecha

Don’t look away. This is gross and horrifying, but don’t you dare look away. This is what these jabs are doing so the human population. Many of these gruesome Miscarriages and menstrual cycle anomalies are coming from women who were simply near someone who had been “vaccinated”. It has become unacceptable for any rational or moral person to continue to support this continuance of this barbaric medical experiment. What you want to do to destroy your own body is one thing, but this has gone far beyond just personal responsibility and these jabs are now affecting more than just those who were dumb enough to get one.


Pfizer documents: unvaccinated people can be exposed to experimental mRNA from vaccinated people; frightening adverse reactions – The COVID Blog
May 7, 2021

NEW YORK — Those who cannot handle the sight of gruesome human ailments, especially women, stop reading now. What you are about to see and learn is scary and may change the way you live your daily lives.

The Centner Academy is a private K-8 school located in Miami, Florida. It made headlines last week when it announced in an email its new policy that vaccinated teachers will not be employed by the school. Current teachers who already received experimental mRNA and viral vector shots before the announcement are allowed to keep their jobs. But they must keep their (social) distance from students.

Mainstream media located all the mask and experimental shot lovers at the school to trash the owners. They even dug up an attorney, Mark Richard, who told the Tampa Bay Times that the policy barring the shots could violate the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The journalists, Colleen Wright and Nicholas Nehamas, failed to ask the obvious follow-up question – if barring shots violates the ADA, does forcing people to get experimental shots against their wills also violate the ADA?

One specific part of this new policy riled up mainstream media. Leila Centner, co-founder of the school with her husband, said that unvaccinated women have experienced reproductive issues, including miscarriages, simply by standing near someone who has been injected with experimental mRNA and viral vectors. Mainstream media called the claim “biologically impossible.” But Pfizer’s own literature says otherwise.

Exposure during pregnancy

Note that this information is not new. All of the following comes from Section 8.3 of Pfizer’s own Phase 1/2/3 clinical trial data and literature, with some of said trials ongoing through 2023 and later. Those who love and yearn these shots will default to the “this information is being misinterpreted” defense. So we’re going to define the relevant terms involved herein.

  • AE = adverse effect
  • SAE = severe adverse effect
  • Study intervention = A process or action that is the focus of a clinical study. Interventions include drugs, medical devices, procedures, vaccines, and other products that are either investigational or already available. The intervention group is the people who receive the experimental drug. In this case, experimental mRNA shots.

We start with Section Exposure During Pregnancy (EDP) of the Pfizer clinical trial protocols (page 62). The focus is on the last three bullet points.

The Pfizer data clearly state that a pregnant woman can be exposed to the “study intervention due to environmental exposure.” Environmental exposure can happen through “inhalation or skin contact.” This is clearly saying that any contact, including sexual contact with someone who has received the shots, exposes those who have not received the shots to the “intervention,” the synthetic mRNA or DNA.

Exposure during breastfeeding

This is Section (page 64).

A breastfeeding mother can pass experimental mRNA to her baby if she directly received the shots or if she is “exposed to the study intervention by inhalation or skin contact.” That means vaxxed co-workers, husbands, etc. can shed their experimental mRNA by breathing on or touching a nursing mother. It’s becoming clear that this is what happened to the two-year-old baby girl who died in March after exposure to Pfizer mRNA.

Occupational exposure

This one is perhaps the most scary and alarming. Section is also on page 64.

CRF is case report form. Occupational exposure is “unplanned direct contact with the study intervention.” Again, that means exposure by inhalation or skin contact. All of the foregoing is Pfizer’s own words. Thus if mRNA shedding and contagion are “biologically impossible” as mainstream media say, then they can interview Pfizer and get some canned, gaslighting excuse for their own words.

Pfizer’s own words aren’t the most impactful part of this story, however. It is the real-life occurrences, particularly in women, of contamination by inhalation and/or skin contact, and the subsequent adverse reactions.

Disturbing menstrual cycles for unvaccinated women

Again, if you do not want to see disturbing images, leave the article now. This first image comes from the COVID Vaccine Victims page. The unvaccinated woman (who understandably chose to hide her identity) miscarried at seven weeks last month. The initial bleeding was chalked up as subchorionic hemorrhage, which is harmless in most women. But she continued bleeding until she miscarried. The fetus came out, but it was preceded by this.

Several other unvaccinated women posted similar menstrual clot photos on Telegram.


One woman said she visited her naturopathic doctor when this happened. The doctor speculated that it was uterine wall shedding, but could not make a definitive diagnosis. Again, all of the foregoing are from unvaccinated women who have come in contact with vaxxed people. But the situation is also dire and sensitive for men.

Two men, who understandably do not want to be identified, wrote to The COVID Blog in the last 10 days. Both described similar issues. Their wife and girlfriend, respectively, got both doses of the Pfizer and Moderna shots in February and March. The men chose not to get the shots. But they continued their normal sexual routines with their ladies.

Now both report being unable to obtain an erection for several weeks. One said he went to his doctor and received a 100mg prescription of Sildenafil (Viagra). But he said it was ineffective and he’s growing extremely anxious and depressed. But it doesn’t even have to go as far as sex. Even if you somehow get exemptions from employer and school mandates, you will be touching and breathing around a bunch of synthetic mRNA and viral vector carriers shedding their new modified genes.

Again, these are Pfizer’s words, not ours.

Vaxxed lepers?

This world will continue getting more and more difficult to navigate if you have not prepared for what is happening. These people are doing everything possible to inject the entire human race with synthetic genes.

Believe it or not, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in conjunction with the U.S. military, did a clinical trial that observed irradiated mosquitos (viral vectorsdelivering radiation-attenuated Plasmodium falciparum sporozoites to humans. In other words, humans were injected with an intervention via mosquito bite. Now a company called Oxitec, funded by the Gates Foundation, is currently releasing a billion genetically-modified mosquitos in Florida. The twilight zone is real.

We are literally at war. Unless you live off-grid and produce your own food and water, it is going to be extremely difficult to avoid genetic modification. All we can do is fight the good fight. Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.

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