The Planned Spars Pandemic Scenario That We Should Be VERY AFRAID OF. The Last Time They Ran a Simulation it “Just Happened” to Come True

Posted by Jerry Derecha

This report that had originally been put out by John Hopkins University had been scrubbed from the internet, but now it’s back and available for you to read every horrifying page of. I am never one to claim anything as a “sure thing”, but after what we just saw with Coronavirus and their “simulation” that was carried out before the first reported case of CV-19 becoming stone cold (contrived)reality, almost immediately afterwards. It’s safe to assume that something similar is being planned for this Spars outbreak scenario. So it’s not a really a question of “if” we should expect this Spars Pandemic to go down. It’s a matter of whether or not they release an actualtangiblelegitimately dangerous contagion that’s capable of creating an authentic public health threat.

The Planned Spars Pandemic

What they are planning for you in 2025-2028. Welcome to your reality
The 89-page John Hopkins Spars Scenario has been removed from the internet! It’s back on the internet, here is the downloadable link:

Spars Pandemic Scenario: DOWNLOAD PDF

Also embedded below….👇

Remember that John Hopkins institute was the collaborator with World Economic Forum and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Event 201 as presented last year at the start of the covid mania saga

When these entities say “This might happen” or “Futuristic Scenario” it’s purely predictive programming to get the public hive mind ready to accept it. Those who have not yet woken up to these are simply unsuspecting flies on a spider’s web.

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