The Mask, What Does It Mean?

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The Golem

Why The Mask?
The mask can be said to be a wall against reality. It’s a rejection of manhood, a signifier of disconnection from all that is spirit, it is a confession of abject disempowerment, and the aggregation of your own will to the will of your masters.

We use our mouths to speak our mind, our will or wish.

So what is at play when you muzzle yourself?

Are you declaring you have no mind of your own and thus you cannot speak, or are you in fact unwilling to speak through fear of a fine? Are you declaring to your community you lack the courage of your convictions?

A mask is a fictional overlay, separating the true being from the real, you are camouflaging who you are. Is it a temporarily assumed identity or is it the intent of your masters that you remain in the fiction so you can repay a debt they claim you owe by offering up the only form of payment to them in the offering up of your labour as a slave? The false reality donned either wittingly or unwittingly has a purpose, have you recognised this terrible theatre in which you do act?

In the case of COVID-19, the mask is imposed by external agencies who claim to be operating as medical practitioners, they of course are not, shown in the lack of medical license and thus a failure to hold the correct Public Liability Insurance. These self proclaimed masters operate under the mind numbing and spurious rationale that they act for the greater good, when the real facts are they hold you to the fear of a fine. Do not place money as above your own wellbeing and also the wellbeing of your offspring.

As we stand with the mask, these pretend impressions of self, I would remind you of the whole affair being an act ordained by the mind, itself infected by the virus leaching out of the TV and the media, it has spread so wide the result is a mass psychosis in which previously sovereign and thinking creatures have chosen the path of fear and paranoia. They are an insidious expression of life in a state of comatose to the point they are dead men/women walking but not talking, either vocally nor from our many facial expressions from which our subconscious parts communicate. There is no communication. It is now the time in which those ‘masters of the claim’ can invert reality to the point of having most of the TV drunk population around the world believe that black equals white and to be white on your own lands is an incorrect creation, spun of course by the media which has procured for the talking heads a need and sanction that they must rectify this mandate by all means at their disposal.

Masks and muzzles used to be worn by slaves.

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