America’s Dangerous & Divisive Media Must Be Dealt With Once & For All


The U.S. political news media’s years-long cold war against the United States must no longer be ignored or enabled. They have spent decades doing everything they can to divide and destroy our nation on behalf of the anti-American, pro-Leftist interests and ideals that they’ve been conditioned to embrace academically, socially and professionally.

Modern Day Slavery

I get tremendous pushback from my own side for this assessment, but it’s one I’ve always stood by regardless: they are well-intended. They do mean well. They truly believe what they’re doing is noble and just. They think the Americans whose backs they put targets on for ridicule, hatred and violence truly are lower order life forms who — too stupid to celebrate the media and Left’s genius and value — must ultimately be wiped off the face of the earth with as much deference to pity as there is motivation for progress.

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