Greek Woman Asked to Leave Church Service for Wearing Mask.


Priest WARNS Greeks: “Coronavirus is from Antichrist, aims for world dictatorship”.

COVID-19 is the Antichrist
CORONAVIRUS is the Antichrist’s Plan For World Dictatorship.

Greek State broadcaster ERT 1, wich is one of the top ministers of propaganda, interviewed a Monk Priest Ignatios church of Agia Paraskevi monastery in Eodea, western Macedonia.

Priest Ignatios is calling out the World Health Organization “WHO” is:

“Trying to impose a “world dictatorship” through the virus and that people were paid to say that 200 have died from Covid-19 in Greece.”

Ignatios trended on all greek media for refusing an elderly woman for wearing a protective mask during the divine liturgy.

The Priest is also calling out: ‘Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens and All Greece claiming that he does not believe in Christ because he believes in the coronavirus.”  
As we have witnessed daily worlwide during this “Plandemic”, anyone who goes against the “WHO” narrative is demonised, vilified, and discredited with yet another fantasmagorical rhetoric.
They have cast a worlwide spell, and its just the beginning…
To all our Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ, we pray for our Lord to send out the Holy Spirit to those in need in these perilous and trying times.
(The following video is only in Greek for the time being, translation captions not available yet.)

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