WATCH: Suspicious Mystery Grows Debating Obama’s Tweeted Photo of George Floyd NINE DAYS Before His Death

President Barack Obama’s foundation seemingly and mysteriously posted a photo of George Floyd nine days before his death with the message: “This Is America.”

Original Tweet from May 16th is below; Floyd died on May 25th:

The Obama Foundation@ObamaFoundation

#GraduateTogether #ClassOf2020, are you ready to lead in your community? Join us at”I’m asking you to believe. Not in my ability to create change—but in yours.” President Barack Obamaobama.org5,610Twitter Ads info and privacy1,865 people are talking about this

Screen Shot below, before the video analysis, also below:


This may be the most important thing I’ve ever tweeted, can anyone explain how the image may have been changed after May 17? Please retweet this as much as possible if anyone knows how to change an image in a past tweet please tell me …

Embedded video

Listen to the insightful Thomas Paine Podcast Below —

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