McDonald’s Reveals Future Layout Of Restaurants In Post-Corona World

by Tyler Durden

In Arnhem, Netherlands, McDonald’s has opened a prototype restaurant outfitted with social distancing in mind. The move is to test new safety measures for guests and employees that will limit the spread of the virus once lockdowns are relaxed, reported Reuters

“We have tried to figure out how to keep our customers and employees safe, while maintaining a restaurant atmosphere,” McDonald’s Netherlands spokeswoman Eunice Koekkoek told Reuters.

“These are drastic changes, but we hope to make them in a way that customers don’t notice them too much,” said Koekkoek.

The restaurant’s layout still resembles a shop in the pre-corona world. However, there are noticeable differences in a post-virus world, such as social distancing lines before entering the establishment. Once in, each guest is required to spend 20 seconds at a handwashing station to maximize cleanliness.

Social distancing lines 

Social distancing lines 

Handwashing station

Handwashing station

The prototype restaurant has removed cashiers, and all guests will order from interactive kiosk machines. Once the order is completed, guests will choose a seat with one-directional seating. An employee delivers their order on a cart, almost like a traditional restaurant. It begs the question, will people have to start tipping?

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