The COVID-19 scandal: Billionaire Bill Gates and WHO

Exclusive: Hanne Nabintu Herland sounds alarm over oligarch ‘pandemic expert’

By Hanne Nabintu Herland

The coronavirus scandal, with billionaire oligarch “pandemic expert” Bill Gates pushing horror scenarios into the media, has contributed to politicians’ reaction of fear.

This, combined with mass media hysteria, has, in turn, caused a once-in-a-century financial depression. The economic depression may not be due to the virus itself, but rather the panic reaction that was created with the corresponding government shutdowns, as advised by Gates.

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At The Herland Report we suggested early that the crisis should be seen in relation to the current U.S.-China trade war. We wrote about the topic of World Health Organization chief Dr. Tedros’ possible politization the day before President Trump addressed it. Two days later it was headlines across the world.

The close relationship between Dr. Tedros and Bill Gates is illustrated by Tedros calling Gates “my brother” when opening speeches. Everyone else, such as the WHO-favored Norwegian prime minister, Erna Solberg, are addressed as dignitaries. Through its CEPI work, the current Norwegian government is allied with Gates, Norway funding billions into vaccine programs.

A strong defender of the current strategies of the WHO leadership, now under scrutiny for its mismanagement in reporting during the COVID-19 scandal, Solberg has taken a remarkable strong stance while other European leaders question the WHO.

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