‘The Passion of the Christ’ actor: Painful movie ‘mistakes’ made hit film ‘more beautiful’ | Fox News


Ressurection of Jesus Christ

James Caviezel, the actor who portrayed Jesus Christ in the film, “The Passion of the Christ,” revealed the painful, behind-the-scenes mistake that made it into the final cut of the hit 2004 movie

In an exclusive Fox Nation interview, Caviezel told Fox News contributor and Fox Nation host Raymond Arroyo that he was injured while filming of Jesus’ walk through the streets of Jerusalem’s Old City, the path that Jesus took to his crucifixion.

Caviezel carried a heavy wooden cross in the scene, as did Jesus, and when he fell, the cross came down on top of him.

“As I went down, the cross… it actually struck my head and buried my head in the sand. And I bit through my tongue,” he said, “Now, in the tape, you’ll see streams of blood coming down from my lip. That’s actually my own blood.”

Caviezel’s shoulder was also badly hurt, but he worked through the pain and delivered his lines to actress Maia Morgenstern, who played the Virgin Mary.

“At this time, the shoulder is out and I was trying everything I had to get my arm over [the cross],” he continued, “And it looks like it’s the most extraordinary take because it looks like I’m cherishing our cross, which is our faith, and hugging it but in the most beautiful way.

“It wasn’t beautiful to me,” he acknowledged with a laugh, “because it hurt like hell. .. my AC joint had been torn.”

“The Passion of the Christ” was produced by Newmarket Films and earned $612 million worldwide on a $30 million production budget, making it the most successful independent film ever.

Caviezel was also seriously hurt in another scene — the portrayal of the scourging of Jesus by Roman soldiers, during which he was accidentally struck.

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